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It’s no secret to anyone that Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world throughout the year. It makes sense, in its 20 regions, there is no place that isn’t interesting, with its:

  • Iconic medieval cities.
  • Incomparable gastronomy.
  • Beautiful landscapes from north to south.
  • Exclusives experiences.
  • And a million other reasons.

In summer especially, Italy has its touch, with its warm weather and its amazing and luxury seaside towns make it the perfect destination for everyone who loves La Dolce Vita on the beach.

Italy has countless wonderful summer destinations that you can enjoy in all its regions. In this case, I’m going to show you my favorites I’ve had experiences.


Italian Summer Destinations



Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Kennedy, and Naomi Campbell, in addition to being’ celebrities had something in common. It was their love of vacationing on the island of Capri. Since the 1950s, this incredible island has remained a favorite destination for celebrities. Therefore, it cannot surprise us with its exclusive, expensive and luxurious restaurants, boutiques, hotels, and shops. Being in this place makes you feel like a star, obviously no frills.


Italian summer destinations - wandering and tastingThings to see and do

Capri has many attractions that it’s not just spending the whole day browsing or doing fancy shopping. Some of the things you cannot lose are:

  • Visit the Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto I) and take a delicious Aperitivo in one of their bar terraces.
  • Go to Marina Piccola, and take a refreshing bath in the beach.
  • Stroll around the small island.
  • Take a boat tour to go to see the Grotta Azzurra.
  • Visit Axel Munthe’s museum in Anacapri.
  • Go up to Monte Solaro to see the best view of the island.
  • See San Michele’s Church in Anacapri.
  • Enjoy Gardens of Augustus.

Gastronomy Specialties

Caprese Salad, Caprese Sandwich, and Caprese Cake are Capri’s specialties, and where they originated. When you visit this incredible summer destination, don’t forget to try them. 


Can you imagine Amalfi as a maritime potential? For me, it’s unbelievable. Despite its small size, between the 9th and 12th centuries, it competed with large maritime cities such as Genoa, Venice, and Pisa. For this reason, today, it’s one of the most historical and cultural cities on the Amalfi Coast and, therefore, the most important.

Today Amalfi is driven by tourism, the high sales of its ceramics, and of course, by the manufacture of limoncello, the latter being a classic of the Amalfi Coast due to its large production of lemons.

Italian summer destinations - wandering and tastingThings to see and do

In Amalfi, the plans don’t exist. Take the time to explore it slowly and at your own pace. Buy a delicious ice cream of your favorite flavors and enjoy it while you get lost in its narrow streets, discover magical and charming places such as souvenir shops, piazza, pastry shops, restaurants, the Paper Museum, the “Claustro del Paraiso” and its amazing cathedral at the top of the stairs. But don’t forget to take a refreshing shower at the beach.

Gastronomy Specialties

If you want to try something original from Amalfi, my recommendation is the Scialatielli, a delicious fresh short pasta accompanied by seafood sauce.


Cinque Terre, with its meaning of five lands, is the union of 5 fishing villages (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso) located in Liguria. Since their discovery, these have become famous for the particular shape in which each one is found. They are very different from each other but, they maintain the same essence of the houses supported by rocks and their particular colors. 

The best way to visit them all is by staying in one of them and doing it in two days. If you only have one day, my recommendation is that you choose 2 or 3 of them. Here I show you the three that I have visited.


This is considered one of the most beautiful and is the most photographed for its typical colorful houses embedded in rock since it is a spectacle combined with the sea.

Italian summer destinations - wandering and tastingThings to see and do: Via del Amore, the church of San Lorenzo, the panoramic square of via Belvedere, and the path that connects it with other towns.


This, for me, is the most beautiful of those I have seen, and many consider it one of the most beautiful in Italy. The view from the last part of the town is worthy of a postcard to which the boats add a great attraction.

Italian summer destinations - wandering and tastingThings to see and do: Church of Santa Margarita de Antioquia, the main square of Vernazza, the Castle of the Doria and the Belforte, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio, the vineyards and olive groves, and the path that will take you to the next town.

Monterosso al Mare

This is the most different structurally, but also with its special charm. Monterosso is the most comfortable town to visit, and the one with the most accommodation and restaurants, so from my side, it is the most recommended to take into account when it comes to lunch. It is the only one that has a beach enabled for swimming, so it is one that no one wants to miss.


Italian summer destinations - wandering and tastingThings to see and do: The statue “Il Gigante”, the Aurora Tower, the Historic Center of Monterosso al Mare, and like the others the path that connects them.

Gastronomy Specialties

The gastronomic offer of the five towns is very similar to each other, among the most common things you can find are the Spaghetti Allo Scoglio (spaghetti with seafood) and fried anchovies.


Portofino is an iconic summer destination for vacationing in Italy. The elegance and exclusivity make it one of the favorites to people that looks luxury vacations, the same for those who go out for a sailboat or yacht trip on the Ligurian Sea.

It’s impossible not to be admired and enchanted by the spectacular view from la Piazzetta, and with the set of colorful buildings, the port with the boats, the restaurants’ terraces, and the view of the luxuries hotels.

Italian destinations - wandering and tastingThings to do

One of the advantages that Portofino has, like other destinations in Italy, is that being there, you have the opportunity to know more than what it offers you, having other towns as charming as it. If you are in Portofino, Santa Margherita and Rapallo are places that you can’t forget to visit.

While in Portofino, there are several interesting cultural and natural places, such as:

  • Parco Museum 
  • Brown Castle
  • San Giorgio church (With a beautiful view of Portofino)
  • Craft factories
  • Excursion to the Mount of Portofino

Gastronomy Specialties

As Portofino is a maritime destination, without a doubt, the highlight of its gastronomic offer is fish and seafood. So you will find a variety of dishes based on these. But something particular about this area is its typical Portofino lasagna, which differs by having Genoese pesto.

Save this post for your next summer vacation in Italy and let me know which one is your favorite.

Hi! I'm Yareli, Dominican travel and food writer living in the beautiful and welcoming Tuscany region of Italy. I am passionate about tourism and travel, so I always look for new places to learn about its stories, culture and, above all, its gastronomy.