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Dominican Republic Dishes

Traveling is a pleasure that everybody enjoys from their different perspectives. For many people, like me, food is the best match. For example: to enjoy the local flavors in a traditional restaurant in a destination and to visit the food markets to know its typical products. That is why different destinations sell gastronomy as the main attraction and invite you to visit them only to taste it. The Dominican Republic is full of those dishes that take you on a food trip through the best restaurants.

Although the Dominican Republic is best known for its beautiful and paradisiacal beaches and innumerable tourist attractions, it’s a country rich in gastronomy for its variety of delicious local dishes in each region or city. Each of them identified by their flavor, crops, proposals, and stories behind. 


4 Dominican dishes and places to try them


Mofongo in Moca 

Mofongo is a dish originating in Puerto Rico, but Dominicans adopt it as if it were our own. Over time, there are many types of Mofongo, but the classic is a mixture made with green plantain, garlic, and pork cracklings, accompanied with pico de gallo and broth, to soften the texture. Doesn’t that sound like a delicious combination?

The perfect city to try this tasty dish is Moca. The reason is that this city is a good producer of plantains and one of the main cities with pig farms. There are many restaurants to try Mofongo, but the main and most famous one is Mi Terraza Mofongo. People from everywhere in the country drive to this place every weekend and days off.


Dominican Dishes


Pork Ribs in Jarabacoa

Pork Ribs is a succulent dish that nobody (no vegetarian) can resist. Although it’s a food that you can find anywhere in the world, there are different ways to prepare it.

In Jarabacoa, the Parador Corazon de Jesus restaurant has earned the reputation of being one of the favorite restaurants for a Sunday out with family or friends to eat delicious ribs. The peculiarity of these ribs is their subtle sweet and smoky flavor since it cooks on a wood-fired barbecue. In addition to enjoying the natural landscape that Jarabacoa gives away.


Dominican Dishes


Fried Fish in Maimon and Boca Chica

Just hearing the word fried fish makes my mouth water. One of the things that make fried fish special in the Dominican Republic is the seasoning, and of course the freshness.

Maimon on the north coast and Boca Chica in the province of Santo Domingo are the quintessential destinations when it comes to fried fish. The main reason is freshness because both are on the coast, the secret seasoning and obviously the view.


Dominican food


Chivo Guisado (Goat Stew) on the Northwest Line

Juicy, a little spicy, and tasty are the characteristics of the best goat meat found in the northwest line of the Dominican Republic. This area is famous for the breeding of goats and the peculiar way in which they feed them, for which they use oregano to provide them with an incomparable flavor when preparing them. Their main gastronomic offer is the delicious goat stew (Chivo Guisado), ideally accompanied by “Moro de Guandules” and fresh salad.

Dominican Republic food

All destinations have these special places to taste their dishes. Tell me, what are those places that we must visit to enjoy the best local food in your country?

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