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A Weekend in Barcelona - wandering and tasting

A Weekend in Barcelona

Can you resist an invitation from your best friends to visit one of your dreamy destinations? Of course, not. So, without thinking twice, I embarked with them to live a weekend experience in Barcelona, which only with the idea we knew would be excellent. 


Strolling among its majestic Gothics works and the remarkable Gaudí’s modern architecture, tapeando (the act of having an aperitif in Spain), and enjoying the delicious gastronomy of this marvelous city, Barcelona gives us an unbeatable experience.


Now I’m going to show you how to spend a weekend in Barcelona, without wasting a second.


Regencia Colon Hotel’s Option

For this adventure, we choose the Hotel Regencia Colón, located in the Gothic Quarter, in front of the cathedral. This location allowed us to be close to most of Barcelona’s attractions and not waste time taking transport from one point to another. Something important is that the bus stations to go to the airports are very close by walking.  


Without a doubt, its location, the service, and the rooms, with their excellent price, are the best. But for all the details, clic here.


A Weekend in Barcelona

Photo Credit: Hotel Regencia Colón

Paseo La Rambla

A few blocks from the hotel, we find the famous tree-lined Paseo La Rambla, a place full of life for locals and travelers visiting the city. Along the boulevards, you will find different types of shops and shows such as:


  • Flower stalls
  • Ice cream parlors
  • Music show
  • And In our case, we were lucky enough to see the carnival and the opening of the new Barça store, which enlivened the atmosphere even more.


This place injects energy and gives you the best welcome to the city.


A Weekend in Barcelona - wandering and tasting

Photo Credit: Jorge Fernández Salas

Tapas Night at the Boquería Market and a place with views

A place that every foodie must visit in Barcelona is the Boqueria Market; despite becoming one of the most touristic spots in the city, with its colors, perfumes, and flavors, it envelops you until you can’t escape.


After strolling a bit along the boulevards, La Boqueria Market was our first place to start our night of tapas, enjoying the delicious tintos and sangrias characteristic of this destination, accompanied by exquisite sea tapas. This market at night becomes magical with the music and the people who let themselves carried away by the atmosphere.


To end the night with a flourish, we looked for a bar on a rooftop in that same area to enjoy the panoramic night view of Barcelona, for which we went to the rooftop bar of the Iberostar hotel and toast that magical night with an Aperol spritz.



Discovery’s Morning of Some of Gaudí’s architectural works

The next day was dedicated to the famous architect Gaudí since his incredible works are an icon of the city. We take the time to get to know the facades of a part of his masterpieces, in which we include:


– Guell park

– Casa Batlló

– Casa Vicens

– La Sagrada Familia



Rickshaw City Tours of some Points of the city

As we didn’t have time to tour the city, we were curious about some tricycles that were in front of La Sagrada Familia. So we do not hesitate to hire the service of one of them to continue learning a little more about other points in a very original way.


The rickshaw’s driver served as a guide explaining a little the history and importance of each of the places he was showing us. Among those were:

  • Arch of Triumph
  • Parque de la Ciudadela, in which you will find the Parliament of Catalonia, the Zoo, the Martorell Geology Museum, the Governor’s Palace, the Monumental Waterfall, and a beautiful natural environment where people enjoy riding in the boats inside the lake, skate and ride bicycles.
  • The Barceloneta Beach.




Have a few beers at a beach bar


As Barcelona has beaches, it practically makes it a multifaceted city, since you can enjoy the mood of a cosmopolitan, as well as the relaxed aura of the beach.


After our original tour, we decided to go to one of the bars on the Barceloneta beach line and have some Claras (a combination of beer en lemon soda), enjoying the beautiful sunset and the feeling that you don’t want time to pass.



Exquisite Dinner in Can Reixes Restaurant

Amid a unique atmosphere like that of Plaça Real, you will find the Can Reixes restaurant, a high-quality representation of typical Spanish gastronomy. The flavors, aromas, kindness in the service, and the aura left us in love.


Among our choice, we could not miss an exquisite Seafood Paella, considering that we are in the country of its creation, as well as a delicious Stroganoff Iberian Sirloin with gratin potatoes, which left us breathless, paired with a glass of excellent house’s wine.



PS: Investigating the current situation of this restaurant, taking into account that we visited it in February 2020, I find that it is currently inactive. I still don’t know if it is permanent or temporary. So, if you are in Barcelona, first do some research on its status before visiting it. 



Would you venture to know a destination like Barcelona in just one weekend? Or are you one of those who only like to live slow experiences?


I love slow experiences and Barcelona is a city that deserves many days to visit its main attractions, lose yourself in its streets, and live the city calmly. But if you are an opportunity like mine, it is feasible to enjoy it authentically.


Photos Credit: Jean Tavarez

Hi! I'm Yareli, Dominican travel and food writer living in the beautiful and welcoming Tuscany region of Italy. I am passionate about tourism and travel, so I always look for new places to learn about its stories, culture and, above all, its gastronomy.