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The best restaurants in Cabarete

When you find a beach full of colors floating in the sky, a rebellious sea, and charming bars and restaurants, it means that you are in Cabarete.

Cabarete, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, is a pretty little town known the world over for its water sports like surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Due to this, it is the favorite place for water sports lovers. Also, for those who enjoy the relaxed seaside life like me, it’s the perfect place to spend the holidays or settle down for the long term, for its ability to make you feel that time has stopped and that nothing matters more than your peace, have a good time and eat good food.

In all the time that I have been visiting Cabarete, I have been able to identify which are the best places for me to enjoy good gastronomy according to the cravings. As you know, tourist spots are full of dining options, and some of them aren’t necessarily the best. For this reason, I have made a selection of my favorites for you.


La Casita de Papi

La Casita de Papi is one of those places, that when you find it, you don’t forget it anymore. That happens for some reasons: the first is when you arrive in its location overlooking the sea, then when you receive its excellent service, and the last and most important, when you taste their famous dishes, Prawns or Shrimp a la Papi, characterized by being unique and unbeatable, especially for its secret and creamy sauce a la Papi where the curry flavor stands out on the palate. 

Although their menu doesn’t offer a large selection of dishes, the few they offer are excellent, where seafood stands out with some meat options. That makes it perfect for seafood lovers and people who don’t like it.

Address and Information:

5, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic

Facebook: lacasitadepapi

Mojito Bar 

Mojito Bar is the restaurant in Cabarete where you will always find a great option to eat, and drink, regardless of the time. For this reason, it is my favorite when I don’t have something specific in mind to eat. 

The extensive Mojito Bar’s menu ranges from fingers food to accompany a drink to Dominican dishes. But some of my favorite choices are the simple and delicious sandwiches with French fries and passion fruit juice (just the best). These sandwiches are made with homemade bread, fresh vegetables, and delicious Italian ingredients like arugula, basil, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella, prosciutto, etc. 

Address and Information:

QH2V+5H8, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic

Instagram: mojitobarcabarete

Photo credit: Mojito Bar Cabarete

Voy Voy

Voy Voy is one of the best restaurants to try typical Dominican food in Cabarete. In its menu options, you can find a selection of meat, fish, pasta, sandwiches, and hamburgers with some vegan options. But my favorite dish is the slightly spicy Chili with meat, accompanied with white rice and a mix of green salad. Maybe it is not the traditional Mexican Chili, but it is worth trying and enjoying it.

In addition to delicious food, refreshing drinks, and friendly service, one of Voy Voy attractions is the live music nights. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a good time.

Address and Information:

5, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic

Instagram: voyvoybar

Yamazato Cabarete

For all Sushi lovers, Yamazato is the ideal option to eat one of the best sushi I have ever eaten. What makes it extraordinary for me? The rolls are big, made with delicious and fresh ingredients with a particular inexplicable taste.

The Yamazato’s menu is not just sushi. We can find a great selection of Asian dishes, such as Soups, Dumplings, Pad Thai, Salad, Fried Rice, Sake, and more. 

Yamazato is not in the beach area of Cabarete but with a convenient location in a mall in the city center, where diners can enjoy the fresh air on the terrace or inside their cozy little place.

Address and Information:

Plaza Ocean Dream Carrerera Principal, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Instagram: yamazatocabarete

The best restaurants in Cabarete

Photo credit: Yamazato

Pizza and Spaghetti House

For me, who lives in Italy, I can say that Pizza e Spaghetti has the best Italian pizzas I have had in Cabarete. Its menu consists of a wide choice of pasta and different types of pizza, as the name indicates, also highlighting some typical Italian dishes.

The location is also out of the beach line of the restaurant, but you can find it just in the city center crossing the street.

Address and Information:

Patio, Careterra Principal Al lado de plaza el, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic.

Instagram: pizza_spaghetti_house

The best restaurants in Cabarete

Photo credit: Pizza y Spaghetti house

Fresh Fresh Cabarete

Fresh Fresh is all about healthy food, but of course with good taste. It is one of the perfect options to have a delicious and nutritional breakfast or a light lunch and dinner. For vegetarians and vegans, this place counts with great choices of dishes plant base.

I particularly love their smoothies, which you can choose or create with your favorite fruits.

Fresh Fresh has a beautiful and cozy place that can be ideal for a freelancer to get inspiration and peace in combination with delicious food.

Address and Information: 

Carretera Principal, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic

Instagram: freshfreshcafecab

The best restaurants in Cabarete

Photo credit: Fresh Fresh Cabarete

Le Bistro

As you can see, Cabarete has all the gastronomic options, and the French specialty could not be out. Le Bistro, with its location in one of my favorite spots in Cabarete (El Paseo de Don Chiche), we can find great classics of French cuisine dishes, such as Boeuf Bourguignon, Onion Soup, delicious meat cooked with French techniques, Chicken Vol au Vent, and more.

Address and Information:

Paseo Don Chiche, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic

Instagram: lebistrocabarete

The best restaurant in Cabarete

Wilson’s Bar and Restaurant

Moving a bit away from Cabarete, specifically in La Boca, is located Wilson’s Bar and Restaurant, the place you can’t miss to enjoy exquisite fried fish and other types of seafood in this area. 

Upon arrival, you will find a picturesque place in the middle of the La Boca river and the beach, where you will be greeted with a warm welcome. To get to this restaurant from Cabarete, you have to cross the river in a small boat.

Address and Information:

PJ5H+GXG, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic

Facebook: wilsonslaboca

wilson restaurante

Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles 

In the middle of a unique and relaxing atmosphere, we find Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles. The perfect place to have a delicious breakfast, where the specialties are the waffles with the most original toppings and a large variety of coffee. 

This place is perfect for remote working, playing a board game with your friends, or just having a chat while enjoying some delicious food.

Address and Information: 

Carretera Principal, Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic

Instagram: vagamundocoffee

Photo credit: Sindys Tavarez






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