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Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, and prosciutto. Do these products sound familiar to you? I’m pretty sure it is. Well, they come from Emilia Romagna, the most famous Italian gastronomic region worldwide. For this reason, to take unforgettable foodie experiences, Modena is one of the best options. 


This time, I spent an incredible weekend in Modena. And I am quite sure that, with its unique gastronomic offer, exclusive restaurants, car museums, and aesthetic appeal, you will love it too.


Come and explore with me the gastronomic world in this fascinating destination. 


Foodie Experiences in Modena

Visit an Acetaia


Foodie Experiences in Modena


The distinctive aroma at the entrance welcomes you to Acetaia del Duca, a traditional balsamic vinegar factory and one of the oldest in Modena.


The experience of visiting the Acetaia del Duca is rich in history, flavor, knowledge, and fragrance. 


In a visit to this Acetaia include:

  • First of all, a brief history of the company.
  • Following that, an explanation of the types of balsamic vinegar.  
  • In addition, they explained the process of production and fermentation for each type.
  • Following the most important part, a tasting of some of their products.
  • In the end, an exposition of its products where you have the option of buying your favorites to bring you to your home and prepare delicious recipes. 


Some Modena’s Acetaias are free to visit. So you can choose the one you like best or suits your location or schedule.


Address and Information:

Via Medicine, 2110, 41057 San Vito di Spilamberto MO

Phone number: +39 059 469471


Enjoy the Colors and Flavors in the Albinelli Market


Foodie Experiences in Modena


Food markets in new destinations are a must-see for every foodie. In this case, visiting Albinelli Market is a travel inside the tradition and culture of Modena. 


In addition to finding the typical products, fruits, and vegetables of the area, you can also try some of the most traditional dishes at the food stands. 


The traditional dishes to find in the market are:

  • Tartare 
  • Tortellini
  • Tagliatelle Al ragu 
  • Local charcuterie and cheese boards
  • Panino di Cotechino
  • And more…


Address and Information:

Via Luigi Albinelli, 13, 41121 Modena MO


Live the Osteria Francescana Experience


Photo credit: Osteria Francescana

Living the experience of Osteria Francescana for sure has to be the dream of every foodie. Since this exclusive restaurant won many times as the best restaurant in the world by the prestigious The 50 Best Restaurants in the World award, everyone is curious to experience the luxurious service of the restaurant and taste the dishes of the magnificent chef Massimo Bottura.


At Osteria Francescana the experience involves tasting 12 dishes made with the highest quality ingredients, which can change from time to time. These dishes are paired with selected wines. All this in a delicate and elegant atmosphere.


If you wish to visit this place, you must book several months in advance.


Address and Information:

Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena MO

Phone number: +39 059 223912


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