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Fresh air from Chianti, a glass of rosé in hand, good friends to share, perfect view, and we are ready to begin our experience in Querceto di Castellina. A familiar winery result of their passion for wine, food, and hospitality.


In the description of the company, they say that Querceto is heart and soul, and I absolutely agree. But I can add that it is magic because of that ability it has to make you feel in a paradise on earth. With its incredible view, the exquisite wines, dinners in the vineyard, and the possibility of enjoying a few days in its accommodation, Querceto becomes the dream of every wine-lover.


The location of Querceto in Chianti ensures the high quality of its products since it is the quintessential territory of the best Tuscan wines, known for the quality of its terroir for the production of excellent vid.


Things to enjoy in Querceto di Castellina


The beautiful view of its vineyard

When I arrived in Querceto, the first thing that stole my heart was the magnificent view of the vineyard. A spectacle of endless green combined with the brilliant blue of the Chianti sky.


While you are tasting their exquisite wine on the terrace, lunch a delicious special dish of the territory, or have an interesting conversation with friends, this is the view that will accompany you at all times.



Visit the winery

Knowing the process of making wine is one of the most fascinating and beautiful things I can be experienced. Learn about its origin, the story behind that bottle of wine with which you enjoy a good time are the things you have to live at least once in your life, and if you are a wine lover like me, whenever you have the opportunity.


Querceto is a family representation that you can admire, from the curious names and labels of its wine. Things you learn as Filippo tells the story and process of each bottle.



Wine tasting

The tasting process begins when you arrive at the place with a glass of Furtivo while you visit the winery and the admiration of its vineyard.


After visiting the winery, we complete the tasting process with another three wines on the terrace, where Filippo explained the characteristics of each of them.

  • L’Aura: is variety Sangiovese. It’s identified as a harmonious wine with a pleasant red berry smell (cranberry, cherry, and raspberry). On the palate, it’s felt high acid notes, with a perfect balance of fruits.
  • Sei: is an elegante Chianti DOCG from the variety Sangiovese and my favorite. It’s one of the most exclusive wines in the winery, with a particular smell of flowers and ripe fruits. In the finish, it leaves a long flavor. Perfect to appreciate it slowly with an enjoyable conversation.
  • Podalirio: is a Merlot variety, perfect to pair with meats and roasted vegetables. It has a pleasant flavor due to its lightness.
  • Furtivo: the perfect rosé that you’ll love to savor on summer days. Its fruity and fresh flavor makes Furtivo a smooth wine with acidic notes that produce a game of flavor on your palate.

Vineyard Summer Dinner

One of the distinctive and most anticipated activities of this winery is the exquisite dinners in the vineyard. It is the preparation of one dinner a month in the summer where people can enjoy a special menu with specialties of the territory paired with Querceto wines.

querceto di castellina - wandering and tasting

Credit: Querceto


To spend relaxing days full of energies provided by the nature and beauty of the place, Querceto has a selection of apartments for you.

The apartments can accommodate from two to nine people. During your stay, you can enjoy the pool, walk in the garden, book a tasting wine, and try delicious food.

If you have the opportunity to visit Tuscany, Querceto di Castellina is the perfect place for a magical experience.



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