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A Social Media Manager is essential to maintaining the professional presence of your brand or business on social media. We help you build a functional marketing strategy to grow your accounts, creating an attractive image and engaging captions that hook your audience.

  • Developing creative social media strategic.
  • Managing the day-to-day of Social Media channels.
  • Planning and creating monthly editorial calendar.
  • Publication and monitoring of content on social media channels.
  • Copy writing.
  • Creating engagement multimedia content.
  • Developing, launching and managing social media campaigns that promote the brand.
  • Tracking, analyzing, reporting social media insights.

As a freelance travel and food journalist, I focus my writing on the travel and food industry based on my experience or investigations. Through this exciting profession, I have had the opportunity to collaborate in creating content for other blogs, restaurants, hotels, gastronomic journalism, travel itineraries, and create interviews with influential personalities in gastronomy.


For all business, collaboration and any other enquiries please contact [email protected]